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Your differential allows the wheels on the same axle of your vehicle to turn at different speeds. Bring your vehicle to us immediately if you notice the following:

Comprehensive Differential Repairs

The differential allows each tire on the same axle to spin independently of the opposite tire, preserving engine torque and tire life. This system helps your vehicle make safe turns. When your differential is out of alignment, it may be harder for you to turn on ice or cement. We do differential repairs for both foreign and domestic vehicles.

Differential repairs need prompt attention

Transmission Services

If you have an oil leak or your vehicle has run at least 50,000 miles, bring your vehicle for a differential check. Do this before you are faced with a major problem. We do differential repairs for all makes and models.

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  • Whining noises

  • Grinding noises

  • Leaking oil

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Make sure your differential doesn’t cause serious damage to your vehicle! Come to Soto's Transmissions of San Diego for differential rebuilds and complete differential fluid flushes.